Water-based vs Oil-based

Oil-modified polyurethanes have been the go-to finish for hardwood floors for decades, waterborne finishes have caught up in a big way but are not quite there yet. The greatest advantage of an oil-based polyurethane is how easily it adds a deep warmth to all woods. For beauty and protection, especially for pets we will recommend that you apply on your floor. The modern waterborne finishes have a much lower VOC profile and clean up with water. The waterborne line allows us to offer a commercial grade catalyzed finish called Traffic that is much more expensive then oil poly, which can add $100-300 to your project. Its all about the look that you are going for and this argument will continue thought time just like the difference between Ford and Chevy. Do your research and make sure the Oil and water that the company dose put down is one from a reputable company. Asher uses all Bona Products. We are happy to accommodate customers who insist on the Water-base, but our default choice will be a Oil-based finishes.