West plaza is known for it’s restaurants, bars, and other historic brick businesses. There are dozens of houseware and antique stores.  We had the opportunity to do another project in this area!  It’s one of Kansas City’s oldest neighborhoods, so the homes have unique existing hardwoods.  And, this house!  OMG!  Rift and quarter-sawn red oak!  A hardwood flooring dream!

Red Oak Quarter & Rift-Sawn Hardwoods

First off, for this type of oak to already be in this home is absolutely amazing.  To have this type of flooring installed new today would cost a fortune.  Look at those grain patterns, they are gorgeous!  This floor actually looks three dimensional.  Pictures don’t even do these floors justice.  To see them in-person is quite a treat.

Repairs, Sand, & Finish

In an old home like this, expect to have a dozen or so repairs.  There were a few areas that needed new boards.  Many of the repairs were located alone the walls.  So, we didn’t need to order special sawn hardwood to blend it.  There was a large area upstairs in the hallway that was damaged.  Our customer had an idea of installing a hardwood runner in that area.  This was a fantastic idea, for two reasons.  One, it was the most cost effective way to hid those damages.  And two, it was a cool design and added personality to the home.

Sanding these floors was a three day process.  As do many old houses, these floors were not level.  We had to be aggressive with our first few passes of sanding.  Once the floor was level we started fine sanding and buffing.  Our client selected the stain color, espresso.  This color is very rich.  You can definitely tell that you have a new floor with this color.  It really pops!  Sealed and coated with a modified oil base satin finish.  Such a pretty floor for our third repeat client in West Plaza.

Project Overview

  • Repairs
  • Refinish
  • Stain
  • Finish