This was a fun one!  We worked with our client’s designer throughout the entire project.  The house is in Liberty MO, just northeast of Kansas City.  A wonderful town with some amazing old houses.  This home was going through a slight remodel in hopes to modernize a tad.  And, we were awarded the project for the hardwood flooring component!

Hardwood Floor Installation

We added hardwood flooring in the living room.  Of which, had carpet to begin with.  The stair treads and risers also had carpet that we tore out.  To keep the cost down, the owner decided to not lace in the hardwoods to the existing kitchen floors and hallways.  A great idea, and really, didn’t look too bad in the end.  We installed our standard 2-1/4 inch #1 grade red oak hardwood flooring.  This was the grade and species that was currently in the house.

Hardwood Floor Refinishing

After installation, we conduction our stain consultation.  The customer decided on a 50/50 blend of classic grey and weathered oak.  What a great color!  The red tone in the oak did appear in the final product, depending on the lighting in areas throughout the home.  However, the home owner was very pleased with this color.  A small takeaway, if you don’t want red tones showing, replace red oak hardwoods with white oak hardwoods.  We finished this floor with an oil-based satin polyurethane.

Project Overview

  • Tear out carpet
  • Hardwood flooring installation
  • Stain sampling
  • Hardwood floor refinishing
  • Move furniture