Fun fact – Smithville was named after Humphrey Smith after he settled there in 1822.  The town was first named, “Smith’s Mill.  But, to make it easier to pronounce,  it became Smithville.

Hardwood Floor Refinishing – Smithville MO

This customer was fun to work with!  Their floors were red oak hardwoods.  As most homes, this floor had an ambered yellow tent.  Nowadays, customers are changing that color on their floors and cabinets.  We see this in many homes throughout the midwest.  The trendy color now is dark brown, grey, and ironically – country white or natural.

The Project

We started by relocating the appliances away from the service area.  It’s the best way to ensure all of the hardwoods get sanded.  There were a few areas where the carpet met the hardwoods.  Covering the carpeted side with tape will ensure that the stain doesn’t accidentally touch the carpet.

Sanding was a breeze.  Started with 36 grit then moved to a second pass with 50 grit.  We spot filled the nail holes and small seams in the hardwoods.  After filling, a third sanding with 80 grit.  Lastly, fine buffing with 120 grit right before the stain went down.  Dark walnut stain color was selected by our client.  Top coated beautifully with an industrial satin poly.

Project Overview

  • Hang Plastic
  • Move Appliances
  • Tape Off Carpet Areas
  • Sand & Finish