This floor was previously sanded and stained by the customers.  They had tried a DIY the first go-around.  The client’s did an ok-job sanding but the staining looked terrible.  So, they decided to have us come fix everything.  We started off by sanding off their stained layer with 36 grit sandpaper.

After 36 grit, we sanded with 50 grit.  Our clients had put so much stain on the floor.  The previous stain color was still oozing out of the hardwood floor grains.  To fix this, we let the floor sit for 24 hours.  We came back and sanded the floor with 80 grit and that got all the old stain off.

Stain Consultation

This client decided to go with sable black stain color.  This is the truest black stain color on the market.  Sable black is manufactured by a company called Glitsa Gold Seal.  There are a few other black stains in the industry but this one is the blackest.  However, you can still see all the grains in the hardwoods.


This customer selected a satin oil base finish.  This decision was made simply because of their high traffic with 3 kid and 2 dogs.  Upon final coat, there was one board in the floor that “checked”.  Checking is caused by weak boards that get finish deep in the grains and cause the board to splinter.

This problem can happen to anybody and it’s pretty common.  The worst part is that this is only on the final coat.  The solution was to replace that board.  This is a very meticulous process, especially when the hardwoods are already refinished.


We replaced one board after the completion of this project.  We started by taping off around the boarder of that entire board.  Then, the board was cut out using a multitool.  After the new board was put in, then we sanded it down so that it was flush with the rest of the hardwood flooring.  When replacing a board, it’s important to sand and finish that one board exactly the same way as the rest of the hardwoods were refinished.  The repair blended in great and the customer was happy with the results.

General Care

Like each client, we provided general cleaning instructions with the cleaning supplies that we include in every service.  This is so important for maintaining your new hardwoods.

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Project Overview

  • Sanding
  • Stain Consultation
  • Finishing
  • Repairs
  • General Care

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