Are you trying to decide whether to have pre-finished hardwoods installed or site-finished hardwoods installed?  This information could help you with that decision!  We recently bid a customer’s project for these two service options.  They wanted to see the price difference between both, pre-finished installation and/or site-finished installation.  The total square footage of their space was 800.  (The following bids are based on 800 square feet.)  In this study, we found that on average, site-finished hardwood flooring services are cheaper than pre-finished hardwood flooring services.  Choosing to have site-finished flooring will save you up to $2,000!

For those DIY folks out there, here is just the cost for the hardwood itself:  $6409 for pre-finished and $2400 for raw (site-finished).

For those who will be hiring a professional for this service, here’s the price to expect:


Pre Finished hardwood

Installation Labor = $2900

Hardwood = $6409 for 800 sqft

Total:  $9309


Site Finished hardwood 

Installation & Refinish = $3700

Materials & Finish =  $300

Hardwood = $2400 for 800 sft

Total:  $6400