This was a complete restoration of one of the oldest hardwood floors ever!  The home is located in the heart of Higginsville, MO.  Being one of the first original farm houses at the start of the town, we knew how important this restoration would be.  It’s truly amazing that a hardwood floor over 100 years old could look brand new again.

The Tear Out

This old home had carpet and laminate tile covering all of the hardwoods.  Our job was to get rid of all that, and get to the exposed hardwoods underneath.  The carpet was easy-peezy!  The tile, on-the-other-hand, was a nightmare!  There was tar and glue caked on top of the original hardwoods that had to be scraped.  This is a long and careful process to take off.  We had to be extra careful not to damage the hardwoods from our scraping.

Old Pine Hardwoods

The hardwoods in this ancient house was pine.  Pine is almost impossible to find in this industry, especially the same color/type as original.  Most of the time you still have to stain replacement boards a different color in order to match the original.  And, in fact, we did have to do that on a handful of areas.  However, old pine really looks outstanding when refinished!  There’s so much character and beautiful grain structure in pine.

Original Quarter Round

Another challenging component of this project was it’s quarter round.  This home had 1 inch quarter round throughout.  We located a supplier that still carries this product, which was super rare, and we got lucky!  The quarter round was stained to match perfectly and looked great.

Stain Color and Top Coat

The customer selected Sedona Red as their new color.  Let me tell you, this color looked so fancy on top of that old pine hardwood.  The color enriched the entire home.  Really, this floor was the best looking part of entire home now.  It’s cool to see how changing your entire floor color makes the rest of the house seem as if it needs updated as well.  This is usually the case for extremely old homes.

The final coat was an industrial grade water based finish.  Bona is the leading finish brand in the industry.  Therefore, we stick to brands that perform the best.  Another note, you can purchase their cleaning products at any major box store, including Home Depot, Lowes, Manards, etc.

Hardwood Floor Refinishing Specialist 

Our team here at RippnFinish specializes in restoring original hardwoods like this.  If you have an old beauty like this one, our company is your solution!  We take extreme care in bringing back the life of ancient hardwoods.   This project was about 2500 square feet and took us a week and half to complete.  Please do not consider the try-it-yourself on hardwoods this rare, especially pine, they are not very forgiving!  Let us help!

Project Overview

  • Tear out
  • Old pine hardwoods
  • 1 inch quarter round
  • Sedona red stain color
  • Industrial top coat
  • Hardwood floor refinishing specialist