Rough Sawn Wide Plank Pine Wood Floors

This house, located in Parkville MO had some amazing wide plank flooring.  The builder at the time had put this type of flooring in a few houses in this neighborhood.  And let me tell you, it’s absolutely stunning!


We removed all the furniture and doors off the service area, into the garage.  Then covered non working areas, book shelves, and pantry with plastic.  Our equipment is dustless, however, accidents do happen so we take extra precautions to ensure quality.

Board Repair

Our customer had one board in the living room that was damaged.  This existing wood is impossible to track down, so we had a solution.  She said that we could take a board out of the closet and exchange the two.  Being that the closet doesn’t see much traffic, this was a quick and affordable tactic.  The result was flawless.

Sand & Finish

The unique part about this floor is the rough sawn marks.  So, sanding this floor was challenging.  The customer wanted to leave some of the saw marks and character that was preexisting to this grade of hardwood.  We started with 36 grit on our first pass of sanding.  Second pass was sanded with 50 grit, then followed lightly with 80 grit sandpaper.

There was still old finish still on the floor in many of the areas where the saw marks were.  Without sanding off the original saw marks, we hand-scraped over 100 spots to eliminate the old finish.  Before staining we buffed lightly with 100 grit sandpaper.

The color that we applied is called Special Walnut, made by minwax.  We used Glitsa satin sealer and finish for the protective layers.  With proper air ventilation, the home took about 4 days for the fumes to clear out.

New Base Shoe

A brand new floor always looks best with newly painted base shoe.  We installed all new and painted to match the base boards.  This really complimented the new floors and made for a clean transition.  There was a few paint touch ups that had to be done before the project was completed for final inspection.  This was a fun project and the customer was amazing to work with!  I mean look at these floors!  Wow!

Project Overview

  • Remove Furniture
  • Hang Plastic
  • Board Repair
  • Sand & Finish
  • New Painted Base Shoe