This was a unique project we completed in Lenexa KS. This modern beauty was tucked in the woods behind Lenexa Lake.  This neighborhood is an outdoor paradise with it’s wildlife, walking trials, creeks, and the Lake!  Let’s talk about floors!

Tear Out

We tore out the existing pre-finished maple hardwood flooring.  Removed all the appliances and base boards.  Then cut out all the existing hardwoods.  After disposal, we noticed many areas around the perimeter had water damage.

Repair Subfloor

Repairing a subfloor is simple.  Cut out the damaged area and patch-in.  Similar to drywall installation, you must have enough joist to secure to on all ends.  We glue and screw the patches into place.

Adding Subfloor layer

The engineered hardwood floors were thinner than the hardwoods we tore out.  Therefore, in order to account for the height difference, we installed a thin layer of plywood.  Installed perpendicular to the subfloor with trowel glue and staples.  Now the new engineered hardwoods will fit back into original place.  Allowing for appropriate clearance for doors and trim.

Installation Of Engineered Hardwood Flooring

This particular flooring requires glueing and stapling.  The engineered hardwood was racked out across the new subfloor.  Then we carefully troweled the glue and stapled the new flooring down.  Every 4 rows, we would cover the flooring with ram board.  Covering the floors after installation, as you go, helps keep the new flooring from getting damaged.  Our team installed this floor perfectly!  Check it out!

Project Overview

  • Tear out previous hardwood floors
  • Repair subfloor
  • Adding subfloor layer
  • Installation