Sampling Colors

You can see in these photos the issue we were facing.  If you notice, you can clearly tell the difference between the new and old hardwood flooring.  Nobody wants to see where replaced boards are throughout their home.  Color after color and we couldn’t get any to blend the two floors together.  Even the dark stain colors you could tell the difference between the two floors.  As you can see in the photos:

Solution For Blending OLD Wood To NEW Wood

The secret, water popping. Water popping is when you wet down your wood floors. By doing this you open the grains which then allows the stain to really absorb. The challenge was that we had to water pop the NEW wood only and not the old wood. The old wood was much darker from all the years of wear and tear, so when we applied the stain you could see a significant difference between the two woods. Once we water popped the new wood only and applied stain, viola! Perfect match! 

Image: Left sample (water popped old floor only)

Image: Right sample (water popped new floor only) – Solution!!


Color matching new wood flooring to old wood flooring is difficult.  New hardwood floors and Old hardwood floors will soak in stain colors differently.  Try water popping only the new floor and sample stain colors over new/old section.  The solution – Water Pop NEW Wood Flooring & Do Not Water Pop OLD Wood Flooring.  

Project Overview

  • Sampling Colors
  • Colors NOT Matching/Blending
  • Takeaways