This color is fantastic!  Over the last decade, this is the first mahogany stained hardwood we’ve done.  It’s just not a popular color.  We don’t see why not because it’s stunning!  Most of the decor industry is moving away from red tone colors and going dark brown, black, or some variation of grey.

This project was a fun one.  The customer was absolutely great to work with.  We hung plastic over the counter tops and blocked off all the non-working areas.  This helps with dust control.  There were a few squeaks that we fixed prior to sanding.  Sanding started after the trim was pulled and the floor was prepped.

Sanding consisted of four passes with the big machine.  First, we sanding with 24 grit at a 45 degree angle.  The next pass was with 36 grit at the opposite 45 degree angle.  This helps get the floor extremely flat.  Third pass was 50 grit.  50 grit is pulled straight in order to sand out the previous cross sanding.

After 50 grit, we trowel filled the entire floor with red oak wood filler.  This process fills any gaps and holes in the floor.  Makes the floor look brand new!   When the filler dried we sanded the entire floor with 80 grit.  This gets the filler off the floor.  Then final buffing with 120 grit.  This makes the floor smooth as a baby’s butt.

Our team conducted a stain consultation on the first day.  This customer selected mahogany.  We couldn’t believe it!  We had never seen a finished product with this color.  After staining the entire floor, we sealed that color down.  The sealer helps protect the color layer and enhances the color as well.

The top coat was an industrial water based finish.  This customer had pets so we recommended going with an industrial version to increase the amount of surface protection.  After the finial coat dried, we were blown away.  This is a unique floor indeed.

Each of our clients are shown how to use the complimentary cleaning supplies.  As simple as it may be, we think its the most important demonstration.  After all, that client did spend a good chunk of change to have their hardwoods refinished.  Why not help them maintain it to last forever.

Project Overview

  • Hang plastic
  • Prep floor and fix squeaks
  • Sand and stain
  • Finish coat
  • General care

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