Light Color Hardwood Flooring

Refinishing project for a client in Liberty MO. No stain, just a natural look with an industrial water based finish. Red oak has so much character in it! The lighter stain color you select, the more grains that show. Such a beautiful floor! Max there demonstrating the general care guidelines with our client.

Industrial Finish

We top coated this floor with the brand name, Bona, their industrial pro finish.  Bona is the hardwood flooring industry’s leading finish brand.  We only use the best finishes!

Curved Base Shoe

Our team installed flexible base shoe to wrap around the bottom stair.  These are made of paintable plastic.  It’s a nice finishing touch to create a smooth transition leading up to the stair case.

Project Overview

  • Hang plastic
  • Tear out base shoe
  • Nature, no stain
  • Industrial hardwood finish
  • Dustless sanding
  • General care
  • Curved base shoe

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