This project was a unique one, for sure!  The first part of this project was getting all the furniture off the sanding area.  Then we began hanging plastic, blocking off the the non-service areas.  All the base shoe was taken off because this customer was getting brand new base shoe.

Sanding Red Oak Hardwoods

This customer had red oak hardwoods throughout the house.  After the first day of sanding, our team conducted the stain consultation.  Country white was the selected color.  Country white is the hardest stain to blend on red oak hardwoods.

Double Stained Country White

Red oak hardwoods have a pinkish red tint throughout.  Which means, that staining this floor was going to be difficult.  And, in fact, it was!  We water-popped the entire floor first.  This is a process of spraying the entire floor with water.  The water opens the grains in the hardwoods and allows the stain to penetrate deeper.

The first coat of stain was applied.  After the stain dried, it looked terrible.  The red oak color was still coming through.  The stain was splotchy as well.  The customer agreed that we needed another coat of stain.  In this industry, you can only stain a floor twice.  Thats the maximum amount of stain that the hardwoods will soak in.  The second coat did the trick!  We allowed two full days for this double layered stain to dry.

We triple-coated this floor with a two-component industry water based finish.  My gosh, did this floor turn out great!  Absolutely gorgeous!  After 48 hours, the furniture was moved back onto the floor.  Our team provided this customer with proper cleaning instructions with the complimentary cleaning kit.

Project Overview

  • Moving furniture
  • Hang plastic
  • Prep work
  • Sand and finish
  • General care

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