This was a fun project!  Have you ever seen so much character in the wood!?  White oak hardwoods are beautiful!  Sometimes putting a dark stain on-top of oak can hide much of the grains and characteristics that this wood illustrates naturally.

As most of our project go, our fist step was getting all the furniture and appliances off the service area.  Then we hang plastic to block off the non-working areas.  This helps seal off the areas from dust.

The sand and finish was flawless!  Our team got this sanded in 2 days!  The first coat of finish was put down on day 3.  That’s pretty quick!  Our client selected an oil-based finish for their protective layer.  This was going to hold up to their high-traffic lifestyle and their doggy.

Our customer was extremely happy with the final product!  After the final walkthrough, we showed them how to clean their floors with the supplies that we provide with every client.  All-in-all, this hardwood floor refinishing project at Riss Lake in Parkville MO turned out amazing!

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Project Overview

  • Moving appliances & furniture
  • Hang plastic
  • Sand & finish
  • Top coat
  • General care