When it comes to refinishing your floors, we provide an unmatched level of service and quality.

Our white-glove service, emphasis on good communication, relationships with highly-regarded local partners, use of the best products, and attention to detail are some of the components that make our clients happy to work with us.

We know getting work done on your home can be a pain in the rear. The noise, dust, people in and out, and even how long it takes to get started or done. We try to eliminate or mitigate as much of that as possible – getting the job started quicker, ensuring it’s done on time, striving to meet your expectations, and cleaning up after ourselves.

We do a thorough walk-through, touch-up spots, and fill in gaps when the project is done. Many other companies don’t take the time to ‘wrap a ribbon’ and ‘tie a bow’ at the end of the project like we do. Our cleaning company partner will also come in and make your home as clean as the day we arrived. And finally, we provide each customer with a hardwood floor care package. This includes a cleaning kit, felt pads, and instructions about maintaining their new hardwood floors, which will help keep those floors looking new.

  • Apartments
  • Condos
  • Townhouses
  • Single-family Homes
  • Multi-family Homes

Our Hardwood Floor Refinishing Process:

Step 1

Our team will move any furniture and appliances off hardwood flooring if instructed. We hang plastic to block off non-service areas.

Step 2

First cut of sanding (24 or 36 grit sandpaper) using our dust-free equipment for minimal debris.

Step 3

If spaces between boards are smaller than the width of a quarter (coin), then a coat of filler will be trowel filled into the cracks/nail holes/gaps in existing hardwood. If larger than the width of a quarter (coin), our recommendation is to either leave it or strip fill the area by cutting actual flooring pieces and filling in the gaps manually. A consultation will determine which method would work best for the circumstance.

Step 4

Final cut of sanding (50 & 80 grit sandpaper)/buffing (120 grit sandpaper) using our dust-free equipment for minimal debris.

Step 5

Stain floors with agreed-upon stain color; seal over the stain to protect the color.

Step 6

Finally, apply two coats of agreed-upon finish to complete the process.

Step 7

Using professional moving straps, move furniture and appliances back onto the hardwood floor, ensuring no scratches or dents will mess up your brand new floor!

About the finish we use

RippnFinish only uses the best hardwood floor finish products on the market, which in our experience is Bona. We use Bona Standard Professional Hardwood Floor Finish for residential jobs with no pets or children. For homes with pets and children, we recommend selecting the Bona Industrial Professional Hardwood Floor Finish, which will keep floors looking great even with daily wear and tear.

With the Bona finish, it generally takes about 3 hours, before floors can have any foot traffic after each coat. It takes about 48 hours of dry time before furniture can return to the floors after the final coat. We recommend waiting about 7 days for the finish to fully cure/blend before rugs.

PoloPlaz Primero is a premium oil-modified very fast-curing polyurethane with reliable overnight drying, even in adverse conditions. It reaches a greater hardness in three days than other finishes ever reach. It takes about 48 hours of dry time before furniture returns to the floors after the final coat. We recommend waiting about seven days for the finish to fully cure/blend before rugs.

What we don’t refinish: Even though our company does an outstanding job refinishing hardwood floors, we do not refinish cabinets, doors, window/door frames, crown molding, tables, or chairs.

I am 45 years old and have seen some redone hardwood floors in my days but this was beyond belief. The before and after pictures really can’t show you the true finish that was put on the floor. My friend was so pleased with the work that was done he has had the living room done since and plans on doing more rooms in the future. Travis is a man of his word, is always on time and the finished product is AWESOME!

— Greg Smallwood, Kansas City

RippNFinish recently added about 700′ of new hardwood flooring, laced it into existing flooring, refinished it all in a dark walnut stain, and coated it with a satin industrial topcoat to protect the floors from heavy traffic and our dog’s nails. The owner, Travis, remained involved and committed until we were completely satisfied.  Give Travis at RippNFinish a try – we’ll use them for our next project.

-Dean Bushnell


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