Thousand Oaks Subdivision in Parkville, MO

This client was absolutely fantastic to work with!  This gentlemen had just retired from the army and was ready to update his house.  He awarded us to handle the hardwood installation and refinish!

Tear Out

We first tore hung up plastic to block off all non-working areas.  Then ripped out all the carpeted areas and prepped them for installation.  The old carpet was hauled off the property that day.

Hardwood Installation

The red oak hardwoods were delivered one week before hand, for acclimation to the home.  Installation of the new hardwoods were completed in two days.  Our team did a fantastic job lacing in a few rooms to the existing kitchen and living room.

Hardwood Refinish

Before starting the refinish, the base shoe was pulled off.  This is really the best thing to do before sanding.  If the base shoe remains intact during the sanding process, then you take the risk of damaging the base shoe from the sanding equipment.  We ran 3 passes of sanding.

Stain Color and Top Coat

Dark walnut stain was selected from our client.  Oh my, this looks great!  This color  blended well with the overall layout and design of this home.  Being the that rest of the house was updated, the floors were the final stage.

Base Shoe

Base shoe is one of those things that not many other companies prefer to do.  However, as small and complicated it is, it’s very important to do.  We always recommend updating the base shoe.  It just compliments your new floors!  The base shoe gives a smooth transition from your hardwoods to the base boards.  In this project they were painted white.

Final Walk Through and General Care

The final walk through was not passed the first time.  There were a few minor imperfections that our team did fix.  The reality is, no construction project is perfect!  There’s always a few touch ups that must be addressed.  On the final day of service we provided our client with their complimentary cleaning kit.  Every customer of ours receives this kit.  Simply put, because we want them to take care of their new floors.

Project Overview

  • Tear out
  • Hardwood installation
  • Hardwood refinish
  • Stain color and top coat
  • Base shoe
  • Final walk through and general care

RippnFinish added about 700′ of new hardwood flooring, seamlessly laced it into existing flooring, refinished it all in a dark walnut stain, and coated it with a satin industrial topcoat to protect the floors from heavy traffic and our dog’s nails. The project wasn’t without its hiccups, but no home improvement job is. The owner, Travis, remained involved and committed until we were completely satisfied.

-Dean Bushnell

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