As we do for every project, we hang plastic over the non-working areas.  Items such as kitchen cabinets, doorways, stairways, etc.  This is an important step.  Most companies will say that they’re dustless.  We all know that’s fake news!  Even with the best equipment in the world – there are still dust particles that become airborne.  Not to mention, a vacuum could blow a hose and shoot dust all over the house.  This has happened to us before!  Therefore, it’s best to just take the extra precaution and hang up the plastic.

This project required 4 passes of sanding.  We started with 24 grit, cut at a 45 degree angle.  The angle cut helps get the floor flatter and also reduces the amount of run lines in the hardwoods.  Run lines are caused from sanding too straight over and over.  Which in turn, puts these run lines in the floor and makes it almost impossible to buff out.

Our next sand paper used was 36 grit.  This grit was used to cut the floor in the opposite 45 degree angle.  This cross cut technique helps to get all the stain and finish out of the grains of the hardwood flooring.  50 grit sandpaper was next.  During this stage of sanding, we pull the machine straight with the grains in the hardwood flooring.  No more cross sanding.  After the entire floor has been sanded with 50 grit, then we fill all the gaps.

After the filler dried, we ran our final sand of 80 grit.  The 80 grit sands all the filler off the hardwoods.  A quick buff after the 8o grit and now the stain was ready to be applied.  This customer selected a medium brown color called “provincial”.  Once the stain was dried then we sealed that beautiful color.  Our customer selected a semi-gloss sheen.

After the entire project was completed, we guide our clients through a cleaning care consultation.  During this time, we discuss general care instructions.  We simply show our customer how to use the cleaning kit that we provide complimentary.  All-in-all this floor turned out amazing!

Project Overview

  • Hang Plastic
  • Sanding
  • Stain Color
  • Sheen
  • General Care

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