Think that you have what it takes to refinish your hardwood floors?

Yes!  Ok, here’s a detailed list of supplies that you’ll need – including the prices and rental fees.   The material prices are based on the maximum square footage of 500.  If you have more than 500 square feet then the rental fees and materials will increase.  The rental fees listed below are estimated at a maximum of 4 days.  If you have around 1,000 square feet then the total materials and rental fees will double.

We would suggest YouTubing how-to’s for hardwood floor refinishing.  This will teach you the basics before you rent the equipment.  If you are trying to watch videos while you have the equipment, then it will take longer.  You want to try to minimize the amount of days that you have the equipment.  We’ll put out another article that demonstrates how to use the equipment.  For now, I think it’s important to see what the materials and equipment rental looks like.  This alone, could change your mind.

Each item has a link for purchase.  Prices do not include tax.  

Equipment rental for Kansas City area residence:

(Call Select Flooring @ 913-859-0909)

List of supplies:

  • Toe-Kick and Edger Sander (Call Select Flooring @ 913-859-0909)
    • $40/day Toe Kick (used for sanding underneath cabinet overhang)
    • $40/day edger

  • Hummel (Call Select Flooring @ 913-859-0909)
    • $150/day – make sure to include the extended cord and 220 adaptor


  • Norton – 4-1/2 Inch Diameter x 7/8 Hole, 36 Grit Fiber Disc
    • $35.40 (box of 20)
  • Norton – 4-1/2 Inch Diameter x 7/8 Hole, 60 Grit Fiber Disc
    • $33 (box or 20)
  • Norton – 4-1/2 Inch Diameter x 7/8 Hole, 80 Grit Fiber Disc
    • $30.60 (box of 20)
  • Dremel – Rotary Tool Triangle Sandpaper
    • $177.20 (box of 20)
  • Hummel Sandpaper
    • 36 grit – $63.20 (10 pack)
    • 50 grit – $58.40 (10 pack)
    • 80 grit – $54.40 (10 pack)
  • 3M – 4-1/2″ Diam, Aluminum Oxide Hook and Loop Disc (used for tow kick sander)
    • $43.20

  • Industrial Vacuum (Call Select Flooring @ 913-859-0909)
    • $35/day – make sure to include the hoses and wand

  • Buffer (Call Select Flooring @ 913-859-0909)
    • $40/day




Total Materials – 500 square feet:  $1,268.59 Materials

Total Rental Fees – 4 Days:  $1220 Rental 

Total:  $2488.59 (does not include tax)

Hiring A Professional

Total:  $3,000


Takeaway:  If you want to do-it-yourself, a 500 square foot area will cost you $2,488.59.  Here at RippnFinish, for that same 500 square feet, we would charge $3,000.  So, you potentially would pay an extra $511.41 to have a professional take the reins for you.  90% of homeowners who try refinishing their hardwoods still end up paying a professional to come fix their disasters.  If that happens to you, then you are looking at a new total of $5,488.59.  This is the price of renting the equipment, paying for all the materials, and having a professional fix everything.  If you have a friend in the industry, have that person help you.  Otherwise, pay for a professional service.