Another full service project for a client in Overland Park, KS.  White oak #1 grade hardwoods laced into existing flooring.  We prepared the floors for lace, stretching across 17 linear feet.  That’s the process of cutting out random boards to make the final product seamless.

Yes, we are dustless when it comes to sanding.  But, during the installation, things can get messy!  And, since it was 4 degrees outside most of the chopping was conducted indoors.  When it’s all said and done though, I mean look at these floors!  Totally worth a little dust.

After the installation was complete we carved out the old vents.  These are unique and a lot of people love them.  They are flush mounted and stained to match the rest of the hardwoods.  Well, they technically are hardwood.  You can also take the caps off for easy access to clean ducts.

Sanding was a breeze!  White oak is a very beautiful hardwood.  There’s much to love about it, really.  There’s no pink/red tones, it’s tougher than red oak, and it has much more character and grain patterns than red oak.  90% of homes in the midwest have red oak hardwoods.  So, to have existing white oak flooring is always a bonus discovery.

We stained this floor with Early American.  This color did a fantastic job making the house look bigger.  Lighter colors have been the trend lately, it seems.  Dark colors are hard to maintain.  Not to mention, they make your house look like a cave.  We sealed this color down with a product called Bacca, manufactured by Glitsa.  And, top coated with it’s big brother, Glitsa GoldSeal satin.

Project Overview

  • Lace Hardwoods
  • Install Hardwoods
  • Install Flush Vents
  • Refinish Hardwoods
  • Stain & Finish