High School Basketball Court

Here is the basketball court that we refinished at North Nodaway High School this year.  From start to finish, the communication and work flow was nothing shy of perfection!  During our first consultation, we performed our moisture checks and talked scheduling.   Our striping contractor reviewed court-line colors with our client and the color codes were selected.  We received the logo PDF files from the school to get processed over at our print shop.  While the logos were being printed our team started the sanding process at the gym.  This was a three day process.

Our team was allowed to work over-night to reduce the amount of drive-time.  On day four, we started coating the floor.  On day five, the second coat of finish was applied.  We then waited a few days for the finish to cure.  The following week we arrived to start the fancy artwork!  This is when the customer can finally start to see a finished product.   Our artist spent 2 full days masking and painting the court lines, logos, and fonts.  After 48 hours of cure time, we applied the final two coats of MFMA Certified modified sport poly.   The following week, we conducted a final walkthrough and provided our client with general care instructions.  All-in-all, this 6,000 square foot gym floor refinish project was a walk in the park for us!  Thank you Jim for selecting our company!

Project Overview

  • Sanding
  • Buffing
  • Sealing
  • Striping Court Lines and Logo
  • Final Coat and General Care

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