Grey hardwoods are about the trendiest color available.  Grey stained hardwood floors have been on the uprise over that last decade.  That same color has even transitioned over to the paint industry.   The most popular wall color nowadays is a variation of grey tones.

In the flooring industry, grey stained hardwoods are very intriguing.  It’s interesting though, because most of our clients that select this color shade are wanting some brown tones still in the wood.  Our customers are not wanting a fully grey hardwood floor.  They want there to be a hint of grey and brown.  Well, we have figured out that color combination, perfectly.

Funny thing, it’s not even a color combination.  It’s a two step staining process!  The first stain color that you put down is grey.  Let that dry for 24 hours.  Then put down jacobean directly over the top.  A hardwood floor will take up to two coats of stain.  Just make sure that the first coat is dry.

This two-stained technique is the only way to only get the grey in the grains of the hardwood.  It’s actually really cool looking!  If you blend the two colors together and then put the stain down, it doesn’t pull off the same look.  Some of our customers that selected the grey look just didn’t like the overall look of their entire floor being grey.  So, then we added the stain on top of that with jacobean.

We always recommend a satin sheen on top of grey tone flooring.  This helps with glare from sunlight.  The satin sheen also wears the longest.  In other words, it shows less scuffs and scratches over time.  Just remember to take your shoes off, regularly change out the felt pads under furniture, and dust your floors often.  This will always keep that grey tone floor looking amazing!

Project Overview

  • Hang plastic
  • Pull trim
  • Sand & stain
  • Finish coat
  • General care

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