This customer wanted a true natural look at an affordable price.   We suggested a #2 common white oak.  This product has the most character in it.  The grain patterns are insane with unique natural knot holes.  Red oak is not a good choice for natural floors.  It’s almost impossible to cancel out the red tent that is naturally in red oak hardwoods.  So, white oak it was!

Hardwood Installation – Gladstone MO

The white oak was ordered and delivered 10 days prior to service.  This is an important process so that the new materials can acclimate to the home atmosphere.  If this process is skipped then the floor will have problems later on down the road.  The floors could warp or shrink and cause gapping or cupping in the hardwoods.

Install Stair Treads & Risers

The entry way into this house had a three-split stairway.  Two going up to the main level of the house and one going down to the basement.  A very cool design, really!  We tore out the existing construction grade steps and replaced them with white oak treads.  The risers were replaced with paintable MDF boards.  Nicely trimmed out with cove and corner molding for a clean appeal.

Sanding White Oak Hardwoods

Sanding white oak hardwoods can be tricky.  White oak is an extremely tough hardwood species.  You can expect to use tougher grits in order to flatten the floors.  We started with 24 grit!  That got the floor pretty well flat and ready for 36 grit.  The next two passes were 50 and 80 grit.  After buffing with 100 grit the floor was ready for sealer and finish.  Our customer selected a modified oil-based poly with a satin sheen.  The floors and stairs looked great!

Project Overview

  • Acclimation
  • Install Hardwoods
  • Install Stair Treads & Risers
  • Sand & Finish