Worst floor ever!

This was by far the worst conditioned floor that we’ve ever been challenged to refinish.  Turns out, our team was awarded this project, at an extremely high price.  After all, we do specialize in this stuff!   After 3 days of tear out, this floor was beginning to show some promise.  We replaced 36 boards that were damaged or had holes in them.  The entryways were also rotted out, so we installed new headers.

Sand and Finish

The first cut of sanding was a nightmare!   There was approximately 900 nails and staples in the floor that had to be set-in to the floor or pulled out.  We had to set our machines on the highest level so that we didn’t damage them.  16 grit sandpaper was used to get all the glue and tar off.  We did 3 passes of 16 grit!  Next, was 24 grit followed by 36 grit.  36 grit is normally the first cut on normal projects.

As you can tell by the pictures, this project was finally seeing the light at the end of the tunnel.  This was truly going to be a masterpiece!  We conducted an in-person stain consultation with the owner.  They decided to go with a water-popped jacobean stain color.  An excellent choice for the condition that this floor was in previously.  Darker stain colors do a fantastic job at hiding/blending imperfections.  Even after all our sanding, this floor still showed a few blotches from being so old and damaged.

Final Coat and General Care

We started this project on a Monday and had the final coat applied that Friday.  Such a remarkable turnaround, really!  There’s not many other flooring contractors that would even take on this type of refinishing project.  The customer was amazed!  We pulled it off!  This new shop in Westport, Kansas City got a new floor that will forever wow their customers.  They were so happy, that we even earned further business from their friend who had a wedding shop on the plaza.  That project was stunning as well because they had us stain the floor white, but thats for another featured project showcase!

Final thoughts – if our team can bring these floors back to life, then you know that we can handle your project!

Project Overview

  • Complete tear out of laminate tile and tar
  • Repairing the damaged boards
  • Replacing boards that had holes in them from plumbing/electrical lines
  • Installing headers at the entryway and exit
  • Sanding off left-over tar and glue
  • Stain consultation
  • Final coat and general care demonstration

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