What an amazing transformation this project was!  This client was in the process of selling this house.  The realtor told our client that if he wanted to sell the house quicker, then he needed to get the hardwood floors refinished.  The home owner was in Florida the entire duration of this project.


This project was around 1500 sqft of hardwoods.  When we start a project, the first thing is to pull all the base shoe.  This is important to do for every project like this.  Some people opt-out of this service but they always wish that they wouldn’t!  Pulling the base shoe does two things for ya.  One, it allows you to keep your base shoe in decent shape and with minor touch ups.  Two, it allows the sanding to reach all the way to the wall.  And, when you can sand flat to the wall, then your base shoe will sit flush (no gaps) when it’s reinstalled.  We moved all the furniture and appliances out to the garage and into the master bedroom.

Sand, Stain, Seal and Finish

We spent three days sanding this white oak floor.  Started with 36 grit and worked our way up to 120 grit before staining.  We conducted a FaceTime meeting with our client for the stain consultation.  He picked coffee brown stain color.  This was an excellent choice of color to enhance the rich flavor of the beautiful home in Liberty MO.

Their realtor advised our client to choose a semigloss sheen for the final coat.  We typically recommend satin or matte.  We’ve seen an increasing demand for extra matte and satin.  Extra matte wears the longest and shows very minimal scratches in the long term.  We always suggest a matte or satin to go over a dark stain color.  Anyhow, this client picked semi-gloss.  A fantastic choice for a great first impression for potential buyers.

We used Bona AmberSeal for the first coat.  This protects the stain layer immediately!  Bona AmberSeal is a non-yellowing sealer that provides an oil-based look to hardwood floors.  It has excellent durability, fast dry times, non-flammable, and virtually odorless.

Over the top of that is the build layer, the second coat.  We applied Bona Mega ONE.  It’s Bona’s basic single component waterborne finish.  It’s a waist of money to use expensive finishes on the second coat because that layer will be abraded and coated over anyway.  Final coat was BonaTraffic HD.  Bona Traffic HD has an uncompromising attitude towards durability, being green and looking beautiful. Significantly outperforms all waterborne urethane finishes, and ready to walk on just after a few hours!  And completely cured in 24 hours!

Project Overview

  • Move furniture
  • Pull the base shoe
  • Sand, seal, and finish
  • Stain color and sheen

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