Watch how to use the Bona cleaning kit.  This kit is complimentary with our services.


Dusting your hardwoods should be conducted most often.  Depending on the amount of foot traffic, this can be a daily task.  The dust and small rock particles get trapped in the felt pads that are underneath the tables and chairs.  When chairs are slid back and forth with dust particles on them, this causes wear and tear on your hardwoods.  Now, if you live in an industry space then you probably prefer the worn down look.  For those who just had their floors refinished, then this is good information for you!

Each of our clients are provided with a cleaning kit, created by the best company in the industry, Bona.  The reason why we recommend this product is because of the ease of product accessibility.  You literally can find this brand at any major box store!  On top of that, Bona is an industry leader.  They produce some of the best finishes on the market.  When we apply water based finish on our customer’s floors, we use Bona!  So why not use the same brand of cleaning products!


Do not use WET mops  – Using soaking wet mops will actually damage the hardwood.  The water will seep down in the cracks, get under the hardwoods, and buckle hardwood.  It’s simple to understand – when wood receives too much water then it grows!  The hardwoods will expand and cause the boards to buckle up.

The old “vinegar & water” technique – This method of cleaning is one of the oldest ways.  It’s still controversial to-date.  Many online sources will tell you that its still ok to use.  However, on wood floors it’s not recommended anymore.  The National Wood Flooring Association even says DON’T DO IT!  Now, on the flip side, I’ve seen some our client’s floors during repeat consultations.  They mentioned that they have been using this method.  And, the floors looked amazing still.  The industry says that the acidity in the vinegar can damage the finish coat on top of your hardwoods.

Ammonia products – Using ammonia based products is terrible for the longevity of your hardwoods.  The ammonia will deteriorate the finish layer completely.  Make sure that ammonia is never in your cleaning products.

Steam cleaning – Steam cleaners are designed for carpet.  Hot steam on hardwoods are not good.  The steam will break up the finish and cause it to cloud up or even peel off.  There’s just too much bad combination going on here.  The hot part changes the temperature of the hardwoods too quickly causing the wood itself to move.  Then you are adding moisture as well, not good.  The combination of quick temperature changes and moisture just screams bad news for hardwoods.

Box store products – Many of the products sold at major box stores are not hardwood floor friendly.  Make sure to read the ingredients on the label.  Or save yourself some time and just stick with Bona.  Its on the same shelf as the others.


Takeaway:  Stick with industry leading products that are specifically designed for cleaning hardwood floors only.  Bona is that product.  Dust regularly!  Don’t use ammonia!