We are honored to have refinished these original Briarcliff hardwoods!  Briarcliff is located just north of Downtown Kansas City, overlooking the Missouri River.  Developed in 1994 by Charles Garney.  His business – Briarcliff Development Company, constructed over 310 homes throughout these beautiful hills.  Briarcliff may be one of Kansas City’s best sceneries.  If you want the terrain and views like you would get from Parkville, Weston, or Leavenworth, then move to Briarcliff!  Not to mention – it’s central to KC so you can travel anywhere quickly.

Hardwood Floor Refinishing

This project was much like our normal projects.  However, we did take extra precautions to help protect original woodworking in this house.  The base boards were all custom.  So, instead of pulling it off before sanding, we left it down and taped them all off.  We covered all of the chandeliers with plastic bags.  This helped keep dust off them. We also covered the massive glass windows to help keep sunlight from affecting the curing processes.

Sand & Finish

We ran 3 passes on this floor.  There were many areas that needed hand sanding – around all the spindles, under the kitchen cabinets, and around the fireplace.  Our customer picked out espresso stain color.  This color is a fancy choice!  As you can tell by the pics, it makes this house scream!  We put down three coats of modified oil-based finish.

There was an issue with the final coat on this project.  During our walkthrough with the client, we noticed that the floor had t-bar lines throughout.  The final coat at this time was semi-gloss.  We put a forth coat of poly over the entire floor again to fix the lines in the floor.  This worked great!  The trick was to tone the sheen down to satin.  Satin covered up the lines and made for a beautiful final product.

Project Overview

  • Hang Plastic
  • Tape Base Boards
  • Cover Chandeliers
  • Sand & Finish
  • Extra Coat