Unfinished hardwood floors

Unfinished hardwood floors are an excellent choice when it comes to wood flooring. It does take time and effort to install and finish wood floors on-site, but the result is highly rewarding. It enables a greater range of flooring options with multiple colors, stains, finishes, and styles. The two main reasons why finishes are applied to hardwood flooring are to protect the wood from damage, such as stains, moisture and mechanical wear and to highlight the wood’s natural color and beauty.

Some key advantages to unfinished hardwood floors, and on-site finishing of hardwood floors are:

  • Unfinished hardwood floors allow you to create your own unique finish that suits you.
  • These floors are uniform, stable and even due to the process of sanding and on-site finishing.
  • Applying unfinished hardwood floors and finishing them after installation maintain the natural characteristics of the wood.
  • It enables better uniformity of seal and finish by filling in the empty spaces and cracks formed due to minutely uneven flooring planks.
  • The process of sanding has its benefits too. It enables the installer to do borders, inlays, and other customized elements which are not usually available with factory finished flooring.
  • The choice of finishing hardwood floors on-site makes it easier to match the newly installed hardwood flooring and finish with any existing hardwood flooring or other interior elements.
  • You can alter the appearance of your hardwood flooring by applying wood floor stain finish before sealing the wood. This option also allows the customer to stain the wood in any desired color, even such a color that is not available in pre-finished flooring products.
  • Whether you like light-colored wood or dark, a satin finish or high-gloss, unfinished hardwood floors offer many products, styles and options to choose from.

Whether you’re plain out ready for new floors, just want some information about hardwood floor refinishing, or your floors are just a mess… Call the best!