Floor Repairs

Hardwood Floor Repairs Kansas City

In our experience, we know that every repair is unique. We first consult with you as to what type of repair is needed. Some repair examples would be:

  • Termite damage
  • Wood-rot
  • Water damage
  • Pet stains
  • Subfloor issues

Our Hardwood Floor Repair Process:

Step 1

Tear out the damaged area and replace with the same species of wood by lacing in to the existing flooring to make sure there is no evidence of the repair. After that, business as usual!

Step 2

First cut of sanding (24 or 36 grit sandpaper) using our dust-free equipment for minimal debris.

Step 3

If spaces between boards are smaller than the width of a quarter (coin), then a coat of filler will be trowel filled into the cracks/nail holes/gaps in existing hardwood. If larger than the width of a quarter (coin), our recommendation is to either leave it or strip filling the area by cutting actual pieces of flooring and filling in the gaps manually. A consultation will determine which method would work best for the circumstance.

Step 4

Final cut of sanding (50 & 80 grit sandpaper)/buffing (120 grit sandpaper) using our dust-free equipment for minimal debris.

Step 5

Stain floors with agreed upon stain color, seal over the stain to protect the color.

Step 6

Finally, apply 2 coats of agreed upon finish to complete the process.

Step 7

Using professional moving straps, move furniture and appliances back onto hardwood floor making sure no scratches or dents will mess up your brand new floor!

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