We are experts in hardwood floor refinishing throughout the Kansas City area.

At RippnFinish, our mission is to provide quality craftsmanship to homeowners throughout the Kansas City area, while maintaining a level of customer service that is missing in the industry.

Our team of refinishers are clean, professional, and always on time. We use only the best finishes on the market and we will always stand behind our work.

During the initial consultation we’ll walk through your home, office, or commercial space, listen to your concerns and your ideas, and then present many different stain options and finishes based on aesthetics as well as other external factors (i.e. pets and children).

“On the job” we strive to offer unmatched customer service and communicate daily with customers on the progress of their wood refinishing project. Once the job is complete we provide detailed maintenance guidelines and tips for keeping your floors looking shiny and new.

Our company has also integrated innovative and convenient reservation technology into our service experience. Customers can use our reservation technology to book their bid consultation through our website. Both parties receive email confirmations of the appointment and can import the appointment into Google Calendar.

Some of the things that make us different

  • The online bid-reservation software provides user friendly scheduling for busy customers.
  • To go along with our environmentally friendly products, we utilize efficient/paperless estimates, that will be delivered via email to our clients before even leaving the bid.
  • With the 20″x20″ stain samples we make it easier for clients to get a more accurate representation of what the stain colors will resemble with the rest of their surroundings.
  • Throughout the duration of the project, our team will keep a clean, organized work environment.
  • Only the most experienced and professional crews will be entrusted to complete our projects.
  • There will always be daily communication with project updates. This way our clients know exactly what the status is daily.
  • At the end of each project, a representative from our team will come to the job site and consult with clients about future care for their new floors. This will help establish good habits to keep the floors looking their best over time.

RippnFinish exceeded my expectations from beginning to end. Their customer service was A+ and I was kept up to date about the progress of my floors, which made planning around the job easy. The quality of work was outstanding – like having brand new floors. A+ work!

– Jim Richardson

Travis Bowring, Founder & President
Travis Bowring

Our mission – “Provide quality craftsmanship while maintaining a level of customer service that is missing in the hardwood flooring industry

Our value  – “We build extraordinary relationships and we are the safer company with our client’s investment

Travis Bowring graduated from the University of Missouri-Kansas City with a Bachelors in Business Administration with an emphasis in Entrepreneurship. While he was going through college, Travis earned a living by working with a previous hardwood flooring company. He worked with their team for about 7 years while earning his degree. Taking his passion of wanting to start a business and his experience with hardwood flooring, he decided to embark on his own startup, RippnFinish in 2013. Travis has always been heavily involved in helping Kansas City grow as one of the nation’s most recognized entrepreneurial cities. Travis also has a wife, Allison, and two baby girls, Finley and Marina.

Mark Brantley, Lead Contractor

“Your workmanship is your autograph”

Home grown right here in Kansas City.  Graduated from Washington High.  Mark leads himself by the grace of God.  He is a good christian man who loves hunting, fishing, and going to the gun range.  He just turned 50 years old.  He has a wonderful wife and 8 children.  He also has 8 siblings, all of which, still local to Kansas City.  Mark has 18 years experience refinishing hardwood floors.  Refinishing hardwoods is his first language.  Mark has been RippnFinish’s exclusive contractor since 2013.  His workmanship, attitude, and punctuality speaks for itself.  

Owner’s principles

  • Respect for the RippnFinish team and future/current/previous customers.
  • Efficiency with paperless estimates.
  • Friendly demeanor in all encounters.
  • Interactive bid consult.
  • Never stop improving on all aspects of the business.
  • Integrate professionalism into the hardwood flooring industry.
  • Show up on time to every estimate.
  • Have fun!